Day of the Dead Poster


Super cool Comedy + Stunt Show Day of the Dead poster. Perfect wall art for your for the wall at your home / office / bridge dwelling.

8x10 Autographed Poster


Get out the scotch tape or thumb tacks and prepare to cover your bedroom walls with Matt's mug! Cover that hole in the wall or replace your old Justin Beiber poster!

Who should it be signed to?

Stickers (5-Pack)


Buy, peel, stick, enjoy! Consider participating in Matt's World Sticker Project, spreading art in unexpected places.



Relive your favorite moments over and over and over and over and over and over. Don't overdo it with the freeze frames ;)

Slap Bracelets

$5.00 ea.

A throwback to premiere 90s entertainment. Before there was the internet, kids would smack, flip, and stick these decorated bracelets anywhere they could!

Knife Baby Sticker


Nobody puts knife baby in the corner.