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Choose your own Adventures

I don’t want to brag, but I have a gift for inventing things. Unlike a lot of inventors thought, I don’t actually like to make things. I am more of an idea man. I like to come up with ideas for inventions and try and get other people to make it and take my cut. My invention idea gift started when I was in the 5th grade. I was in Mrs. Sage’s class and everyone had to submit something to the school’s invention convention. My mom kept nagging me about coming up with something, but since my lazy tendency’s were already set, I just made the first thing that came to mind. I called it the Mula Holder. It was a pocket inside of a hat that held your money. Simple, yet practical! This idea was so good; one of the teachers called me in to her classroom and tried talking to me about seriously marketing it. Nothing really came of the conversation because ummmmmm I was 10! How does a 10-year-old kid go about marketing something? I told her I would talk to my agent and get back to her. Of course I lost in the invention convention to someone who used a straw to get the green leafy part off of a strawberry. At any rate, I was not surprised when 4 years later Nike came out with a hat with a pocket on the inside (I am convinced that teacher sold it to them.)

Another idea I had was one for a flavor of ice cream. I called it Bake’s Funk Deluxe. It was chocolate peanut butterice cream with peanut butter and fudge swirls. I know what you are thinking, “damn, that would be like Cinco de Mayo in my mouth.” I wrote to my favorite Ice Cream makers; Ben and Jerry’s, and told them about my flavor idea. I was surprised when they wrote me back thanking me for my submission and telling me that if enough people requested it they would make it. Not as surprised as I was when 3 years later, they actually made it, and called it something totally different; Peanut Butter Me Up. I got no credit, no residuals, not even a free pint of ice cream for my frozen brainchild.

Today’s Million Dollar Ideas is, (drum roll please) Choose your own adventure movies- Yes, I said it. Remember the books you used to read as a kid? Do you remember how exciting it was to read choosethe same book 100 times and never read the same story. You can apply that same concept to a DVD. Imagine watching your favorite movies and each time it has a different way it could go. Here are a few movies that could dramatically be affected by the choose your own adventure concept:

In Schindlers list you get to choose for the Jews to create a time machine where they go to the future, capture Madonna, and bring her back in time. Then, she seduces Hitler and convinces him to let everyone free.

Or in Star Wars when Luke tells Leah that she is his sister she responds, “let’s do it anyways.” Or maybe you would choose for Leah to hook up with Chewy instead of Hans, and they have hot ewok babies.

Maybe in Forest Gump after all his accomplishments, builds a space ship and flies to another planet and we never have to hear about his over achieving ass again.

Wouldn’t it be cool in The Passion of the Christ, after getting a strange e-mail, Jesus takes a pill and realizes he is really in the matrix.

Or you could get a laugh in Lord of the Rings when you decided after Frodo and Sam destroy the ring and think they are going to die, end up telling each other how much they love each one another and begin to make out. Then Gandalf comes flying in on his eagle yelling, “I knew it.”

I know you might need a minute to take in all the possibilities. What different endings would you choose for your favorite movies? ovies?