Thanks for hiring Matt Baker for your event! Matt would like to give you a show that is customized specifically for your company. Please take the time to answer the questions below, which will help Matt understand the audience he will be performing for. Feel free to make your answers as long as you want—the more information the better. Thank you for your time.

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    Is there industry-specific language that the audience is familiar with, but is not familiar to the general public?

    Does your company/school have any direct competitors?

    What recent events have happened at your company/school?

    (New hires, new boss, new software, safety training, unveiling a new product that everyone is familiar with)

    What experiences do all or most of your employees/students share?

    (Security checks, restaurants where people eat, have broken vending machine, annoying morning announcements.)

    What do the members of the audience do on a day-to-day basis?

    Is there information about a specific person that everyone knows?

    (Jill just had a kid, Bob bought a new boat or, somebody just got promoted?)

    What is the purpose of the event?

    How will guests be dressed?

    What are some other activities attendees have participated in during this event?

    (Raffle, silent auction, open bar, dancing….)

    What other entertainment have you had in the past and what did they do?

    What is the motto/mascot/company jargon/spokesperson for your company or school?

    What is the demographic of the people attending this event?

    Is there any specific information/message you need Matt to convey in his performance?

    Who are some of your clients? What are some of your product names?

    Is there anyone famous from the town? Can you provide any interesting facts about the town?

    List any other information you can give Matt that might help him understand the audience better. Your input in greatly appreciated and will result in a fantastic show!